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Complete anatomical model of THE HORSE

Anatomical school charts / schoolplaat schoolposter HORSE issued by Kluwer Deventer [1895 -1925]., 

For agricultural and veterinarian schools  Wolters = publisher of teaching materials, issued a number of anatomical charts with movable parts ( multilayered pictures ) The older copies were made like the old books with multilayered models. All layers were mounted on top of each other and could be flipped open. The models were about half life-size and it proved to be difficult to use when hanging the chart in front of the classroom.  You needed special strings at the right position for attaching the open flipped parts. The part with all the superimposed plates of the organs was mounted on the inside and only accessible after flipping open both sides

For sale is a complete model in near mint condition. There is a centrefold between the top and bottom half of the chart. It could be folded and safely put away for storage. In the photograph’s I only open the top part. The bottom part opens identically but there are no superimposed layers below the 2 big layers you can open to each side.

For teaching or explanatory use this model is PERFECT. Any problem experienced with a horse or any operation that will be executed can be made visible in a 3 dimensional way

Extremely decorative items for a veterinarian practice specialised in horses.  

Price 1450,-

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