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School poster issued by the ministry of economical affairs.  

The following posters are all part of a set of educational schoolplaten issued un behalf of the promotion of technical professions. As a stimulant for the pupils to start a study in a technical high school after finishing the present school.

These posters are of an exceptionally high quality of photography. 
The photographs are made by Willy Schuurman. 
A not so well known artist, mostly working for the government. 
His style of photographing reflex the work of the famous “Paul Huf “

Great eye for detail and a superb use of the strength of black and white photography.

Posters are mounted between two metal strips. 
Only paper and easy damaged. 
For this reason these posters are seldom found in good condition.

Most of the depicted posters in this collection were never used and stored in a tube for decades.  
Of several professions we have 2 copies. If so both copies are shown on the site. 
If you are interested in buying please also give the picture name 
( click with right mouse on the picture for finding the source and name )

Most decorative after framing in an office related to the profession depicted. Or perhaps just as decoration in any sixties interior.

Price for each poster is the same

€ 145,- 

Postage extra

The following professions are present:


Stamp maker = die-cutter

Pattern maker

Engine turner

Low tension electrician


Letter compositor

Glass instrument maker

Engineering fitter

Mechanical draughtsmen




For a more detailed picture please download the picture.
( cursor on picture, click right mouse button. Save as…..)
This downloaded picture will provide more details than the picture on this site  







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