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Chocolade en Cacao bereiding 



School plate / schoolplaat /  school-chart


2 very decorative lithograph’s depicting the producing of cacao and the making of chocolate.
Wonderful items suitable for a museum or visiting-room / directors office from a major cacao producing company.

Early 1900 issued by Wachsmuth
Part of the series: Technologische wandtafeln von Max Eschner.
Leipziger Schulbilderverlag von F. E. wachsmuth,  Leipzig
Size: 67 x 89Cm.
Technique Stone printing / lithography
Paper mounted on paper.

Extremely rare to find a kind of advertising on these school instruction picture but on top osf each picture ther is the name “ Wilhelm Felsch – Leipzig Gohlis “ referring to a chocolate and cacao company in Leipzig Gohliz. Probably this company let Wachsmuth make drawings in exchange of putting their name on the plates.

Only sold as a set. Price 795,-

NB: I can email better quality pictures if needed. These are a little bit out of focus.

Postage extra.

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